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Book One


Store Ordering Information
Retail book order links are found on products pages.

BookStore & Library orders Please email us for precise pricing, cost of shipping and delivery time.
We offer the usual store discounts you expect industry standard discount of 55% off the cover price.
Shipping based on weight per book.
Bookstore orders require tax ID and business address information. All orders must be prepaid.
Please use this Contact Us Page for exact price based on quantity of order.

Return Policy

Book Returns
Refunds will be given within 14 days after receiving books at our location. Book(s) must be in reselable condition. Damaged books will be returned at stores expense.
Refunds will be issued to your credit card, or PayPal account or a check will be sent in store name on original order.  Please contact us if you need assistance or have any further questions at:

Email link above:


New Energy Books
P.O. 6471
Broomfield, Co 80021