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Book One

So much of the time we are asked to pay money for everything imaginable, much of that stuff is total junk. However, the asking still goes on, I should say the requirement still goes on. We as a people have set this up this way, we have created this reality for us to endure and sometimes suffer with, some of us swell in mountains of money and feel we are happy in it. Many of us struggle with just enough to get us by from day top day. Still others do well for the most part with having a good job and can afford most of the creature comforts of the day. It is all about what and how we each believe in money or our own abundance and self esteem from within that make one man poor and another very rich in life. Those very deep beliefs are usually not something one can easily see within themselves and thus we find it hard to change them at the levels we really need to so we just go on struggling with our outer world while all along we are creating it from our deepest core beliefs.

Back when Jesus walked the planet, it is said that he turned over the tables of the moneychangers at the front doors of the temples in anger at what we were creating for ourselves. He did this to help us to understand what we were creating but we did not listen or even understand what he meant. We just kept on going down the same road we started way back then without a notion of what we were really doing.

Today we still have all that money mentality and much more that has been created out of the use of the tool called money in our current society. We just don't realize what we did then and we don't realize where we are today because of it. Money is said to be the root of all-evil. We I guess that is correct as for a simple saying, without much investigation into what money really is or what it does to the human consciousness because of what we believe it to be. Using the word tool can be meant for everyone but mostly I mean it as a control mechanism used by the banks and governments.

Now money is really just an energy form, we have placed our trust and energies into this thing we call money, but let's go a little deeper into the realities of just what money does to the person, the mind and the soul. Money is an energy that has a great deal of power in it because we all have put so much of our own energies and beliefs into it, all humans on the planet have put so much of their energy into the belief that money is required to live on earth. The origins of money are listed in the book so I will not list them again here. The beliefs are firmly set in our minds at this point in time so let's delve into the psychology of it's effects.

Money causes the mind to desire it (money) so we can obtain other material things in life that we both need and want for a comfortable life style. WHY do we do this? Because we are firmly in the belief of the need for money first and then the things we can buy with it.
WHY do we need it? We do not need it at all it is just our current belief that we need it. Does the earth that we take all those raw materials like trees, iron ore, fruit, vegetables, oil and coal from require us to pay the earth for what we take? NO, she gives it freely to us. We are the ones that require a form of trade for our labors and not the earth, the earth give to us freely.

Does the soul need money to live on earth? You may say well yes it does because we need to sustain our bodies in order to stay here. Well that is a good argument but it is in fact not very true that we need money for the soul or the body to live. Let's think back to the seeding of earth when man first came on the scene, the cave man, did he need money to enter the earth plane? NO, he just came and lived off the land. It was only time and hoarding that man created at some later date long after the original seeding, and from that hoarding for survival in lean times the creation of and the idea for money came about through the idea of trade.

Does spirit need money to exist in the higher realms? NO they just are. You may be saying they don't need money because they have no bodies to feed or shelter. This is true, but did you need money when you were up there before you came to earth to be incarnate? NO. Did you need money to come down here and be born? NO. Do you think you will need money to leave your body and go back up there again? NO. You will just leave one day and go home.

While we are here, we take on the belief that we need money to be here. We work because we think it is what is required to get money. This work takes a great toll on our physical bodies in the forms of stress placed upon us to spend many hours a day working, and the pressures put upon us from our jobs and bosses. It causes so many disorders in our bodies and minds that we literally get physically sick and die from all we do to obtain money in our life times. I am not saying that work is a bad thing, after-all it is how we build shelter, make clothing, grow food and feed our bodies. So work is good, what I am talking about is the excessive need to make money because of a system that we created and then let it take control of us through our own greed and hoarding natures that stem from our survival days. Now that system demands so much of us just to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle.

What do you think spirit has to say about our use of money? Well I can tell you it is an emphatic bunch of bullshit that we as humans believe that we need to use this stuff to live. The world is extremely abundant in wealth of all types.

As for the rest of the details, I suggest you read the BOOK.