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Why Money Needs To Be Abolished

Why Money Needs To Be Abolished

Why do we use it?
Why do we put our trust in it?
Why do we believe in it?
Why, why, why?

Well the answer is because we were born into it and we just don'tknow any better not to use it. It was in use long before we came into life. Therefore, we automatically default to the ways of our parents and ancestors. Why do we do this? Because it is easy to continue the ways of old from our upbringing.

Now there are many words written about the use of money on this site and in many other books around the world. What does it all mean? NOTHING if you choose to continue to believe in and use the substance called money that is supplied to you from another source that has designed its use to be a controlling factor in everyone's life because they/you have accepted it use.

Where does money take us?
It takes us to a place we most often think is a good thing because under the current system it allows us to buy housing, transportation, clothing, foot and so on. This at first seems to be a very good thing. Buutttt lets dig a lot deeper into this scenario.

What does money really do? It is a form of control and lack for everyone. Even the very rich are in lack and are controlled by the money they have. The rich are controlled in ways that require them to guard their money because of intrusion from other people and the system from taking it away from them. This is a tremendous stress-causing situation. Then we have the fact that everyone is controlled by the need for money that is setup by the government systems on purpose for this reason. You have to have money to eat, cloth and shelter yourself etc.

Lets look at a control issue. Lets say you are flat broke and are out on the street or maybe lucky enough to be living with a friend. Ok you have no money, no car no food etc. so in order to get back on your feet and get ahead in the world you will need a job. So here, we go on the getting back on the feet scenario. You can walk to employers and seek employment in the local vicinity but most likely the job that you will get will be to far away to walk to every day. So you say you will take the bus but you have no money for the bus. A bicycle would be good but you don't have one and your friend you may be living with doesn't either. His job is in another direction so getting a ride is not an option. Hitchhiking may work as long as you get a ride everyday and early enough to get you to work on time. Going back a step or two, we also have the situation of a dress code at the workplace. You do not have the clothes to fill the dress code required to work for this employer. Lets say you get the job because they want you to work for them so they relax the dress code and allow you to slide for 30 days until you can get a paycheck or two to buy some acceptable clothes for the job. Now how are you getting there, the bus? You have no money to pay for the bus so that is out. Borrowing from your friend is out because he is strapped for money as well to just maintain his life and pay his bills. He has none to spare.

How will you eat during the day with no money? Well I guess you will skip lunch for a while. You eat at home with your friend who by the way is waiting for you to help with the food costs, so pressure is brought to bear on you for this, which is why you are seeking a job. You are well intentioned and want to help-out and even get on your feet so you can get a car and a place of your own.

Well you have overcome all these hurdles. You have been on the job now for several months. You have helped out with the food and rent at your friends house and all seems to be looking up. However, wait there is trouble at work the boss is saying you are not performing as expected and your livelihood is now in jeopardy of being lost again. This could put you back in the street. This work situation is brought bear on you because of the money the company says it is loosing due to your work efforts. So now, you have another pressure and stress to deal with for fear of loosing the money income. Lets say you worked out the kinks and re-secured your position at work. Your now feeling like things are looking up again. Then you get a car after saving up some money while you rode the bus to work after your first paycheck. Now you have to pay tax on the car, buy gas and insurance which with your current income level is difficult to handle because of all the other bills you already have. So, you will have to give up something else in order to have this car and be able to drive it legally in what is known as within the legal system. You figure you can get some money at the end of the year from your income taxes to help ease the burdens a little.

Life is getting tougher all the time with more burdens of cost from all sorts of places. Your friend is demanding a higher rent because his landlord has raised the rent now, so you are having to pay more for the same thing as you did just a month ago. This has not made keeping that car less attractive and you may have to sell it to maintain. Now you are back to riding the bus because you cannot afford to buy insurance and gas for the car. The car is setting on the street now and collecting dust and a ticket for expired plates. The ticket is demanding $100 in fines plus re-registration of the plates at the DMV at another $125. This is another burden on you over money.

Can you see all the restrictions; control and pressures money has placed on just this simple scenario.

You say well if you made more money you would be much better off. Well that is a reasonable thought, however the nature of humans is to spend to their limit and more in most cases. We are not content with a little we go after more and when we get it, we go after even more. That is why you said in the first place the phrase “well if I made more money” so using money in the first place is a restriction you have allowed to be placed on you for no reason except that you thought it was necessary from what you were taught as a child.

This is all done by design as described in the book “Once Upon A Time There Was No Money”
The system has become a source of total control over all people and the vehicle that is used is MONEY the very money in your pocket makes you a slave to the system.

Lets take the equation of money out of the above scenario. What restrictions do you suppose the young man above would have been faced with if he didn't need money to live?

Well the fact is none at all. He would not have been pressured by his friend to help with the food; he would not have needed to get a job especially one he may not have wanted. He would not have needed to buy new clothes; he most likely would already have better clothes because money was not needed to get the clothes. He would not have needed to even live with his friend for shelter he could have gotten his own house or apartment of his own. There would have been no need to buy food as food like everything else id free when money is abolished. You get the picture here on the differences.

Lets look at some other situations where money is a control and restriction on everybody. Lets take the government for example. Do you think the government would be as big, ignorant, forceful and dumb as it is if we did not use money? No, they would likely not even exist in the way they do now if there was no money. There would be no wars to go fight over due to the attitudes of one or two politicians who can't get along with another country for whatever reason they chose to fight with each other. Our people and the people of the other opposing country would not be loosing it young men and now young women to wars caused by disagreements over political issued that are always caused by money in one way or another. Take oil for a very good example.

We would have far better advancement in technology and we would not even need to get oil from another country. Our scientist would not have the restrictions to experiment and develop alternative means of propulsion like hydrogen cars and power supplies. The government is limiting the development in a political means from designers developing free hydrogen to the masses. They want to make it complicated and expensive so if we do have to go to hydrogen they will cash in on it big time in fuel taxes. Hydrogen is a free fuel that comes from water and goes right back to water when it is burned. It is available now and can easily be produced right under the hood of your car while you drive at zero cost and is pollution free. But NO the governments do not want this to happen because they stand to loose billions in taxes. They say who will pay for our roads, what they really mean is who will line our pockets for more war machines. They see this as a loss in control of the population.

Read the book listed above and gain an understanding from a completely new perspective.

Our technology has been limited by the use of money to develop it. Government gives grant to develop energy products and by doing so they have bought their way into the control of the developments. Research and development is always limited by the amount of money they have to work on a project. This is a huge limitation on the minds of the scientists of our time. We would be far beyond where we are now if we just didn't have the restriction of money to get in our way of development. When we come together and tell the government and their money to take a hike, we are now moving on without your control and restrictions you have placed upon us any more.

Things of restriction in the government systems.

Well first it is all about money, then it is about controlling you through money, all legal battles are fought over money, all government control is over money, it is all about taking from the public no matter what it means to the little guy or no matter how they the government need to take it from them. The government has positioned themselves through legal maneuvers to actually own you. They have done this by way of contracts that you are never told the true meaning of, like a SS number or your drivers license just to name two. These are contracts where you have taken on a restriction and control to your movement in the world. A drivers license is the limitation upon you to have to obey their laws and regulations and pay them whatever they choose at any time they choose. This includes the courts fining you with anything they want to for any reason they want and you have to pay. WHY? It is because you gave up your god given rights for a state created privilege that is far less that the god created right which is by the way your birthright. The systems do this in secrecy by non-disclosure of the whole truth and all the facts. First, there are no laws that require you to accept those privileges in the first place, but they tell you, you must have a drivers license or you will be arrested for driving without one. That is a total lie and is fraud on their part for telling you that. That is their way they will lie to you all the time and tell you, you must do as they say or else.

Credit cards, yet another form of ownership over you by the banks and the legal system. The way they calculate the interest on these cards is criminal. By the way when you got your cards you were given nothing at all except a contract and a piece of plastic for which in return you in a sense gave your soul to them. These agreements are a creation of money through your signature where the banks give you nothing of any value from their own assets. They sell those signatures at the end of each day to the Federal Reserve who credits them 9 time the amount of the agreement and it is all based on your future labors as a slave to the credit system. They make billions on your signature and do or give you nothing except a recurring bill for it.

The system does not care about you; they will bend and break every law on their books to prove to you that they are right and to make you pay them. It is all viewed rather like a closed scenario where they figure they own you lock stock and barrel due to contracts with them that have taken you outside of the original constitution of the united states and placed you into a fictional world of jurisdiction under them. And also from the viewpoint that you are using their money so they you are considered property just like the money.

It doesn't cost anything to live on planet earth, it doesn't cost the earth anything to be warmed by the sun, it doesn't cost anything to drink the water, it doesn't cost anything to cut down trees and build shelter, it doesn't cost anything to die. It only costs money because someone said we should use money to trade a long time ago and it caught on and stuck. Now we have a very thick and muddy way of life that really serves no one.

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